Stargazing at High Force Waterfall

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Discover the magic of the night skies with a stargazing experience for two at High Force Waterfall.

With the rest of the group, you’ll walk down to the stunning High Force waterfall, learning about the unique landscape and what makes it so special as you go. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have the chance to light up the waterfalls with torches and take photographs on your phone (other cameras are not permitted, due to available space).

Discounts on accommodation and food at the High Force Hotel are available, once you’ve booked.  Please contact me for the special code.

If you need more dates to choose from (i.e. further into the future, please contact us).

Please note that, once made, bookings may not be changed or cancelled.  While smartphone photography is encouraged, it will not be possible to take any other photography equipment down to the waterfall, as there isn’t space for tripods, etc.

There are no age limits, either minimum or maximum, but please bear in mind that participation requires a 10 minute walk (at a normal pace) both ways, downhill and down steps, and then in reverse.  This will also have a bearing re. certain mobility and sensory conditions.

You will be emailed around 2 days before your experience, with details on equipment required and the meeting point. If you need to get in touch before that, please use the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page.

In the event of extreme weather, or the path to the waterfalls not being accessible due to snow or ice, the event will be postponed.  Every effort will be made to come to a decision and inform you at least 2 days before.  However, as you’ll be aware, forecasts can sometimes change at the last minute . . . as can weather!  In the event of a postponement, you’ll receive a voucher code for rebooking.

Joining instructions will be sent to everyone around two days before the event.  This gives me time to take account of any special factors, such as weather for outdoor courses. 

Click here to book your place.